Another allergy season


by Byron on Mar 09, 2007 at 12:37 PM

“Hello allergy season,” I said yesterday in the afternoon … “I see you’re here to totally kick my ass again!” With the unusual weather pattern this year, I predicted lots of pollen and a difficult season. After years of allergies, I just get in the best shape I can, ride tempo and easy through the worst of it, and relax.

I’ve been as drugged up as Rush Limbaugh, tried herbs, and even acupuncture, and it all comes down to the fact that I’ll feel much better once the trees stop doing their thing.

Even worse is the summer smog and I watch the air quality here.

Anyone else feeling it like me and how do you cope?

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Maybe a simple air pollution mask (like those from respro) would do the trick?

That or just hide inside!

I’m am with you on this one.
Feels like I keep getting hit by the same bus.
I have Rotten, Rotten allergies. Spent 3 days in bed, asleep last week.
Here is what my very wise ENT doc suggest to me every year. Take 2-3 weeks and go sit by the ocean. Seriously, you are doing everything you can, taking every Rx that can help, shot on top of all the meds. Go to the beach overlooking the Pacific. I think after this season, I’m taking his advice. I just lost all of my training as well. Bummed beyond belief. MW