Bolt-Together Frame

Before frame builders could weld or glue aluminum, they bolted it together.

Bolt-Together Aluminum Frame

You could build a retro frame like this today, copper plate it and call it Steampunk for the Tweed crowd. Your local shop would groan though, like they do when various old French bikes show up for repairs.

Bolt-Together Aluminum Frame

Spotted at Elliott Bay Bicycles, downtown Seattle.


Wow look at the polished CNS delight and probably worth as much or more than the bike it’s attached to.

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Torker Graduate: set playlist to smooth


A full triangle indicates high and an empty one indicates low. We had to pedal hard, but 5 speeds were just enough to get us up the steepest Seattle hills and that’s how this bike is built. It’s got just enough of what you need for a commuter with little maintenance.


Drum brakes, internal Sturmey Archer hub, chain guard, fenders and you could retire with this bike or hand it down to the next generation. All you’ll need to replace is the chain and tires.

The comfortable steel frame and big tires rolled over the roughest road and we had fun riding it. If this bike shipped with a playlist it’d shuffle between Los Amigos Invisibles, Morphine, and Big Pun. A strong backbeat, thick bass, meaninful lyrics, and purpose. Don’t get this bike if you’re in a hurry. Just enjoy the ride and know it’ll get you where you’re going.

The Torker Graduate is available from youir local bike ship and MRSP is $499.00. We suggest you add lights and mud flaps. Maybe next year they’ll udpate it with colors that range beyond “battleship.”


Note: Torker is a Bike Hugger advertiser.

Cycling Couple

Spotted in Downtown Seattle, near Pikes Place Market. They later passed us riding back to West Seattle.

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From Awesome to Cool

After much consideration, marketing departments at bike companies decided the consumer trajectory was first being awesome like this then upgrading to cool with disposable income

Bikes PopMech_0004.jpg

and alternatively hip options for the urban areas.

Shorty with Friend

Hat tip to @CtrlFollow for the awesome photo, Mark V posted about Popular Mechanics man earlier this year, and the hip photo is from the photographer Robert K. Hower in the Smithsonian American Art Museum Collection.

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