Swipe to Reveal Magic

We were working on the best way to organize iPhone screens with the new iOS4 and realized we could make some art. Each successive swipe reveals more of the background wallpaper.

The photo is a clay wall with a magician poster that we shot last year in India during the Mobile Social Worldwide.

Swipe 1

Swipe to Reveal Poster 1

Swipe 2

Swipe to Reveal Poster 2

Swipe 3

Swipe to Reveal Poster 3

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the dreeping set on Flickr.

At the Solstice Parade: Biodegradable Helmet

<img alt=”farm5.static.flickr.com/4052/4718576209_eec19a0447.jpg” src=”http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4052/4718576209_eec19a0447.jpg”” />



I’ve seen it done before, but the customized eyewear is a nice touch.

from Cliff Nordman’s flickr

Why doesn’t everybody live in Bend?


5mi outside of downtown Bend, OR and you have good roads, rolling hills, and stunning views of Mt. Bachelor and the Sisters. I think Chris Horner has it figured out - Bend’s most famous cycling resident.

New Puma Bikes

Puma Bikes launched 5 new bikes, designed by Biomega, including this BMX style, folder with a big basket.



This will fire up Mark’s interest, considering the S&S BMX he built last year. Also see the Funk with flip-flop hubs and huge top tube.


Bombastic marketing language aside (about re-inventing urban mobility), these bikes are certainly interesting; especially the Pico. They are shipping now and available online: ship to your home, dealer, or buy at dealer.

Drafting at 60 mph

Chasing Cinzano and Breaking Away.

Uploaded by rdf1249 | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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