Seattle Bike Expo: bikes and blogs

2010_expo_poster.jpg While a Hugga crew is riding in Austin with Social Cycling ATX and partying at Mellow Johnnys during the Mobile Social, Scotty and I are hosting the blogger lounge at Bike Expo next weekend. Bring your newest new to the booth and we’ll blog it on up.

We’re there during show hours, attending the after parties with Baron Bicycles, and riding to and fro each day. Then on Sunday, I’m talking bikes:

Bicycle Culture Coffee Talk 1:45 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. This round-table chat with author and former pro cyclist Joe Parkin, artist Jeff Mallet, local author and actor Willie Weir, and Amy Walker of Momentum Magazine, hosted by the hip, is bound to entertain!


All you Bike Bloggers, you’re welcome to join us. We’ll have fun and talk shop.

Carrying Capacity with a Burley Travoy

A Burley Travoy just showed up at Hugga HQ and we’ll attach it to various bikes for Bike Expo. Looks like a golf cart? Well yes, but we think it’s gonna do much more than that with its quick release hitch. Like transport beer, groceries, or bike medivacing your bro home.

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Geoff Apps’ Range Rider & Hall of Fame

Interesting debate on Flickr resulting from this photo Carlton Reid posted of Geoff Apps Range Rider, a mountain bike that hasn’t found itself in the Hall of Fame (yet).

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An old Novoflex camera case and repurposed it as a saddle bag/tool box – very nice compliment to that Brooks saddle.

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