Who’s Getting an iPad?

We asked this question in Facebook and a lively discussion is happening. Asking it here too. If you are getting one, what are you doing it with it? For what we do here, we are, but I’m struggling with the role of a third device.


Photo: velodramatic

As I’ve written about in the Lightness of Computer, I travel with a bike, iPhone, and Macbook Air. So I’m like, well what would I do with the iPad?

Solving Better Problems

Hangin with ejwicks @fitc Eric Wicks and I meet each other periodically at events like SXSW and FITC. He’s an Austin-based artist, designer, strategist, and fellow cyclist. Earlier this week, I tweeted his Designing Bicycle Cities post. We share similar big bike ideas and agree on the need to return to simplicity on the web. Last year Eric wrote about about design challenges

For a solution to be truly sustainable and good it must have a positive return to the environment and society. At the heart of any design problem is a question: Are we trying to make something less bad or are we trying to make things better?

and makes his case for better problem solving with the bicycle and the example of the Copenhagen Wheel

Toaster Tacos

It’s when a cyclists gets the hunger that they think of things like toaster tacos (and when your spouse isn’t around to comment on your culinary genius). Burning off calories, means you can eat more, and in fun ways. Note the toaster heats tacos up very well, just pop them up when they start to sizzle.

Toaster Tacos

I’ve ridden with cyclists that’d eat almost anything, including nacho-cheese dogs during a stop on a long ride. Others are finicky and stick to waffles and Nutella.

What’s your ride food before and after?


Serious Eats picked up our Toaster Tacos in a post and is considering it a kitchen hack.

Anthony’s Bicycle Camera

Anthony's Bicycle Camera

“Bicycles and itinerant photography finally enjoyed a healthy and prosperous relationship by the mid-1890s from two key innovations: safety bicycles (widely regarded as the most important development in the history of bicycles) and small self-casing, folding cameras.”

Source Antique Wood Cameras.

As long as there’s been bikes, photographers have attached cameras to them. Lost to history are probably lots of photos, right before impact, when the photographer did an endo on those penny farthings.

Cycle Chic Gentleman

From Copenhagenize …

Uploaded by Mikael Colville-Andersen / Zakka | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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