Electra iPhone App

electra_iphone_app.png Electra has an iPhone App. It’s available now and is like a mini-catalog brochure, with a dealer locator, and a community function: upload photos. The app is nicely executed and for Electra’s fans.

We’d like to see it do more. Something to make it stickier. It’s worth just a few minutes of bike entertainment with slick photos and video; however, it’s good to see a bike company get engaged in the iPod Touch/iPhone app community.

Cool Jewelry (really)


Kinekt Design has the sort of quasi-bike-gear ring that could probably get me through a super-long meeting better than even Brickbreaker. Check the video and be amazed.

Scott Addict SL: So Pimp it’s Ridiculous

Scott Addict SL for the Twenty Ten racing season. DA 7900, Hed Stinger 6s, and nothing stupid light. Should weigh in 15 lbs + .

Scott Addict SL

The tape is Fizik and feels like tennis racquet tape. It breaks in and doesn’t slide or wear. The graphics say something in Shimano/Scott language, but I can’t make it out. When combined it’s like a tribal Mori tattoo. Not very often graphics look like they were made for each other. Initial ride is the same as the Scott ProTour bike I rode last year.

Here’s the business end.

Scott Addict SL

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eBikes Aren’t Cool

A NYTimes most emailed article about ebikes earlier today contained this quote

“To the core cyclist, it’s cheating,” said Loren Mooney, editor in chief of Bicycling Magazine. “Marketers understand this, and it’s why some have put e-bikes in mass retailers like Best Buy, rather than engaging in the uphill battle of trying to sell them in bike shops.”

There’s a perception problem when @bicyclingmag says you’re not cool and cyclists look down at you, but the ebikes market isn’t about bike geeks, or the opinion of Loren, it’s new cyclists and commuters. Marketers fail to sell ebikes because they’re hybrids with motors, not performance or even cargo bikes with a boost, like the Bettie.

The “uphill battle” with ebikes will continue until the industry makes better bikes, until marketers discover who the urban cyclist is, and actually talks to them. If she hasn’t already, the editor in chief of Bicycling Magazine should meet the urban "noncore" cyclist. She’d likely learn they ride almost everyday around town and don’t shop for bikes at Best Buy.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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