Bahamas: Good Roads

Readers that have followed us for a while, know we ride all over and it’s not very often cars give us courtesy honks, plenty of room, and the local cyclists wave enthusiastically. As I noted in the previous Bahamas post, we didn’t expect a bike-friendly Island or new paved roads.


This stretch went on for several few miles. Eventually, we turned back towards the airport and resorts.

iPhone + ANT+ == Bike Nerd Convergence Nirvana?

I’ve heard this conversation at least 10 times:

Roadie Tech Type #1: “Hey - what if they made the iPhone a Power Meter head unit?”

Roadie Tech Type #2: “Never happen - iPhone will never support ANT+”

Roadie Tech Type #1: “But that would be awesome if it did”.

That may be true, but it looks like Pedal Brain maybe ready to span that gap with their iPhone mount that includes ANT+ comm support.

It’s still very early as they just launched their public site last week, but it sounds promising. Does this mean no need to lug around a Windows machine any more to upload and analyze your data? We’ll stay on this and hopefully get a chance to test it out and see how the software suite works together. I doubt I’ll ever want to race with an iPod sticking out from my handlebars, but it sure seems great for training.

Bahamas Bicycles

Met these locals who told us “they ride everywhere sure, on this road, even have races.”


In our travels, we found the places you read about as not bike friendly usually are. The main roads are well paved, but without shoulders. The taxis courtesy honked, buses gave us room, and we rode enjoying the Island. It seems folding bikes don’t come here often, as they attracted attention from the hotel staff.

More photos and posts to follow.

The bike is OK!

Speaking of paramedics, this cyclist crashed hard, broke his hip, and the paramedics made sure the bike was OK. Then sent it to hospital with him.

Uploaded by thesoftcopy | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Bike Paramedics

We’re used to seeing bicycle cops. They patrol in cities, malls, and airports. Paramedics are also using bikes to provide emergency services, at events, and the Strip in Vegas.

In London, they’re pedaling 50k of kit around like this


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