Lance’s Dublin Ride

Lance Armstrong’s ride in Dublin continues to make news

I think the essence is very simple. You have a man, a bicycle, a public park and an open road. I would go and do that anyway. Cycling is a sport of the people, and as you’ve probably watched the tour, sometimes a little too close to the people.

he told the Irish Independent. 1200 people showed up to ride with him after he posted an invitation on Twitter.


Photo: AP

(fingers crossed he makes a [Mobile Social](/tag/mobile social)) one day).

Las Vegas is a Bike Town

Vegas isn’t really known as a bike town. Well it is. We’ve ridden all over and it’s tame compared to riding in Beijing or LA. Just like any other city, Vegas has bike shops, a scene, fixed, and Critical Mass too.


Just down the street from our hotel last year was Sexxpresso where we’d ride on up each morning last year during Mix 08.

Bike Hugger @ Mix 08 -- Coffee Run 2

Dog Pannier

I know this is just a strange camera angle, but man it looks like these folks are carrying around the world’s biggest little dog head in their bag.

This is, for a pooch, an incredibly styling way to travel.

Uploaded by Timbuk2 Designs | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Rusty Sears Roebuck Bike

This bike was just waiting on a corner to be restored and sold. Next to it was an equally rusty lawnmower. That’s the second Sears bike we’ve spotted. The first was much like the bike I rode when Evel Knievel was my hero.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

USPRo Weekend with Hincapie

Later this week, we’ll pull focus on the town of Greenville SC for the USPRO weekend. We’ll live blog from the caravan, behind the scenes, at the meetup, and from the Hincapie Sportswear fashion show.


Check the photos from and posts from last year. Greenville is a bike town. We asked these cyclists and they told us so.

Urban Cycling in Greenville SC

Follow along


Ride with George and Race

George Hincapie at the USPro Road Race While in town we’ll also ride with George Hincapie on the road race course, eat with the familila, feel fat next to Boyd and race with Nicole at the SC State Road Race.

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