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We’re getting more official with these Mobile Socials (MoSos) – this is the cover of our sponsorship overview document.

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A.N.T Cargo

Spotted in Metroped’s photostream is an A.N.T front-loading bike – we’ve been saying, “bring back bike trucks.” It’s a modified version of the basket bike.

Uploaded by metroped | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Metro Pedal Power Delivery Service

Metroped offers pick-up and delivery, courier services in the metro Boston area all with custom cargo trikes. They’ll also haul your yard waste away and more with a bike truck service.


We need to get one of these services at our next MoSo delivering all the beer and schwag.

Also see B-Line PDX from Portland. Looks like they’re using the same custom trike.

1834 Roller Riding

Media Lab Toronto developed an

ambling experience that could make indoor riding actually fun. Imagine pedaling the streets of 1834’s Toronto while watching synced video of those streets today.


During Toronto The Good (a party celebrating the City), party-goers pedaled a stationary bike that controlled video of present day Toronto superimposed with maps of the old city. More Photos.

Tweet Bike

“On a panel with @Scobleizer @stoweboyd @jasonp107 and they told me that my refrigerator wanted to tweet me. Cool, would rather my bike do that. #140tc” – 6:21 AM May 28th from web


Illustrated by @PDobrowolski.

Don’t know that my bike would tell me the Di2 battery was low or the chain running dry, but probably just, “hey fatty! ride me.”

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