Want these Cross Brakes

I wasn’t even thinking about Cross until I spotted this bike with these TRP Euro-x brakes. And the bike was light-ass light. Like, carbon road bike light.

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Tandem to the Prom

Reader Eric Shalit sent us this photo of his son Max and prom date Fiona. They rode a tandem to prom and looked stylish doing it.

Tandem to the Prom

Brooklyn By Bike

Picture 4.png

Brooklynites looking to experience a car-free tour around New York’s best borough still have a little time to sign up for the 5th Annual Tour de Brooklyn. The ride, which starts and ends in Coney Island is a 23-mile tour (complete with police escort) that rolls though Ditmas Park, Bensonhurst, Prospect Park and more, and even takes a trip though GreenWood Cemetery.

Registration is required for this free event, which is produced by Transportation Alternatives

Month of May and Mary

Kicking off the month of may – National Bike Month – with some links and bike lane opinions.

As it was Told to me by Val

Val and I occasionally meet on Marginal way and debate topics like internal drivetrains and mainstream longtails. I’m heading one way, he the other, and we stop. The latest topic was Portland’s Cycle Tracks (dedicated bike lane) and a new one going on Broadway.

Hincapie 09: Vintage Wool and George Signature Bib Short

Separated cycle facilities such as the new cycle track to be built on Broadway in Portland are surprisingly controversial, even among fervent bicycling advocates. Those in favor insist that they are safer and more convenient, and will encourage those who do not ride now to start, while those opposed feel that they are largely unnecessary, create new safety hazards, and promote the idea that bicycles should always be segregated from motorized traffic, and never allowed on streets.

My personal feeling is that, like anything, these facilities can be extremely worthwhile when done right, in the appropriate circumstances, and can be worse than useless if done poorly. Even if such projects are poorly done, however, anything that creates interest in cycling or encourages people to try riding instead of driving can only help in the long run, since the one thing that always improves transportation overall, and the safety of bicyclists in particular, is to get more people riding. – Val.

Mark V gets Di2 all wet

Dura Ace 7970, or Di2, is the much anticipated, electronic shifting system that Shimano debuts this year. It will be the most technologically advanced and, not coincidentally most expensive, shifting system ever offered to the public. The debates rage about what Di2 will mean for Shimano’s future market position as well as cycling in general. But who cares about that? I don’t buy bike stuff as collectibles, I buy bikes like drugs…they’re only fun if you use them…and I’m always looking for a bigger rush. Di2 is premium-grade for sure, but is the party worth the price of admission?

When Shimano said they wanted to give me a little sample ride of electronic Dura Ace, how could I just say no? I had to try it once at least.

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