GU Chomps!

GU ChompsI’m a GU guy. When they first came out with the alternative to the PowerBar I was hooked. For a race, when there’s just no chance to choke down “human food”, gels work pretty darn well. GU is now bringing their response to the popular Clif Shot Blocs product - GU Chomps.

The Chomps are pretty similar in taste to my kids fruit-snacks, but with complex carbohydrates and not High-Fructose Corn Syrup. I like these because they are a little bigger than the other offerings on the market - half the battle is fishing the sticky buggers out of the package which seems easier with their larger size.

GU makes my favorite “Flask” for their gels. If I had an ask here, it would be to build a pop-top Chomp case that I could pre-load before races. Maybe dust them with powdered sugar so they don’t stick together, and I can just flip open the lid with my teeth and shake a few out. Eating during a race can be tough. Add full fingered gloves and cold hands and good luck! Solve that problem and I think they really have something.

GU Chomps will show up at retail stores in March (Flavors: Blueberry Pomegranate, Cran Apple, Orange, and Strawberry), or if you see me on the road hit me up - I’ll probably be carrying some.

Movin’ Xtracycle

xtracycle On the commute home the other night, I followed this father/son duo for the last few miles of Burke Gilman Trail. The kid has his arms splayed out because of his fat jacket (in yellow), and his little bobble-head helmet bounced as they rode down the trail. I caught up with them at the light in Lake Forest Park - they seemed to be enjoying the night ride.

Oh - and they were holding 20mph most of the way - Movin’!

Even Lance has to deal with Assholes

The Astana Cycling Team had to deal with some aggressive driver, just like the rest of us. I’m a fan of the smile and a wave method of handling that stuff. It either disarms them…or makes them even more angy. Not much can be done that’s constructive in those cases. Some cagers are just born ass holes.

(Article from

Cookie Cargo

Val was visiting Hugga HQ, working on the Bettie, and Cappy the Pug was crazy-sniffing his bike. I wondered if Val had ridden through a swamp recently or maybe feral cats had mated near his bike?

Nope there were pecan sandies in the oyster bucket.


It’s made of “Drillium”

17rotorchainset.jpg (photo from

Carlos Sastre’s new ride may be equipped with dusty old DA7800, but he’s got his favourite Rotor elliptical chainrings mounted. But that’s not what grabs my attention. It’s the prototype Rotor cranks that has been drilled out for light weight.

Mark V says no thank you!

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