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A carbon mini velo might be too much

I found this mini velo bike on a Japanese page. This has got be the nuttiest thing ever, just crazy amounts of carbon. The first time you see a photo of this bike, you might be tempted to assume that the frame was adapted from a BMX bike or something because of the really tall steerer. However, I have seen several different designs all with this set-up, and the details of the frame suggest that the bike was intended solely for this application.

If you pan down their page, you see some other inexplicably bling equipment, like 20” carbon clincher rims and 3-spoke aero wheels.

As retro as I get…

Further searching through Japanese cycling pages led me to this guy’s site that seems to have a lot of retro bikes, if by “retro” you mean 1992. Because I don’t find any bike much older than that pretty or fun to ride. Give me index shifting or give me death! I’d rather revert to chamber pots and Crosby, Stills, and Nash than centre-pull brakes. Which is not to say that all things that are from that time period are better. Take the Specialized tires on this otherwise tasty Honjo Cycleworks road bike.


Honjo bike


As mini as it gets…

While I was searching for a particular steel frame fitting that is apparently only available in Japan nowadays, I came across this mini velo…and I do mean mini.




p>This particular bike is a hot-rod version of the Handybike, which is re-branded by several companies for sale in Japan and other parts of Asian. As easy as it would be to just dismiss this item as a silly fad, you can tell the guy takes this thing pretty seriously. Still, I’m not sure how much I’d want to ride the bike on sidewalks that aren’t handicap-accessible since a curb would surely cause a faceplant.

Yeah, but Racers suck

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