Combating Cleat-slip on Carbon Sole Shoes

Sidi sole 1.jpg

I had a problem with my Sidi Ergo shoes. It’s not that they’re just too bling (no empirical evidence suggests that such a state exists). No, rather the cleats keep working themselves loose on the smooth carbon sole. Most irritating. A lot of carbon shoes nowadays have a high-friction surface in the cleat area to combat this problem, but if your shoes lack this, then I’ll show you how to solve this.

NYC Trend of the Month

From MASH SF’s blog. And here’s a German version. That’s Lame and Lamer.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Sunny Climates and Cargo Bikes

These are two of my favorite things. Photo taken in Belize by Flickr contributor Sweendo.

Uploaded by Sweendo | more from the Dapper Lad Cycles Photostream.

Abio Folding Belt Drive

On test is an Abio Verdion, a folding bike with a belt drive. Interestingly, this bike was spec’d with parts I’ve never seen before from Shimano, including a thumb/button shifter and 4-speed Nexus.


Bikes Move Tomorrow

In this ad, CSX is telling the story of how you need big trains to move lots of cargo. Well, I was wondering who made all those cargo bikes!

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