Knog Skink

Knog Skink 1

The new Knog Skink is a four LED unit in either red or white configurations and weighs just 56gr. It should retail for about $30, distributed by Cyclone Bicycle Supply . The silicon body seals the electronics from water and is available in 6 colours. As with all Knog lights, the light fits to seatposts or stays by wrapping the flexible loop around to the body. The Skink is obviously larger and more expensive than the wildly popular Frog, but new light runs on 2 AAA batteries, which are more readily available, cheaper, and last longer than the Frog’s CR2032 batteries. Even better, you can buy rechargeable AAAs. Another nice feature is the battery life indicator light, a small auxiliary LED next to the on-button that stays illuminated when the battery life drops below 25%.

Chub Hub

I built this wheel for Jake, one of the Seattle fixie stars. It’s a Chub Hub, a double-sided fixed gear hub of massive proportions. The immense hub is constructed of carbon and aluminium with provision for cogs and track lockrings on both sides. The rim is a H+ Son, custom powdercoated black. Finished off with black DT Swiss Champion spokes and black brass nipples, the whole wheel is stealth. I thought I’d just cut the spokes and lace ‘em, but I hate to leave things unfinished.

chub 1.jpg

Riding the queen k highway

Mathowie is riding Kona.

Uploaded by mathowie | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Bike Hugger in Road Bike Action

Bike Hugger is in a Road Bike Action article about urban cycling and commuting.

Bicycle Design Winner

Bicycle Design blog held a contest and a bent won.


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