The Interbike Tension Mounts

Behind the stacks you glimpse an axe The tension mounts you score an ounce Ole!

Granted quoting that line from Uncle Albert may make me further realize how old I am, like watching Tim on Project Runway explain to Blayne who Sergeant Pepper is. Anywho, it’s that time of year when the press releases, hype, party planning, leaks, and news starts to happen about Interbike. Of course, we’ll bring our coverage with more hugganess than ever. I’ll spare you the press releases here and post the better ones on our Interbike specific blog. Like this Macaframa video I just spotted … .


Face Smashing Cop in Denver

I asked our Hugga in CO about the cop “smashing” a cyclist’s face and he found this YouTube video and local news report.

The detectives admit they punched, kicked and choked Heaney during the arrest. In police reports, the officers say they used excessive force because Heaney punched Cordova in the nose. Heaney denies he hit the officers.

Last month Fort Collins was in the news for tensions between cops and cyclists.

Editorial note: interesting coincidence to have two cop-related posts today. We hope that’s not a trend.

Olympian Bikes Beijing

Every 4 years, I’m reminded why I don’t watch much of NBC’s Olympic Coverage and that’s because they mostly just cover swimming, for some reason synchronized diving, more swimming, gymnastics, and this year 24 hours of Phelps. That being said, it was cool to see Tom Brokaw riding around Beijing on a Flying Pigeon earlier this week and today the NYT reports on a ride with Olympian Jason McCartney.


As our readers know, we rode all over Beijing, and for us it wasn’t scary at all. Millions of people do it everyday. But it ain’t no lazy bike path and you’ve really got to just go with the flow. Also, with the pollution controls in place and traffic limited, Olympic visitors are riding in less than 1/2 the traffic we did.

Coincidentally, Jason is riding the same bike our colleague Bryan bought and rode during our stay.

Old Timey Sniper Bike

We haven’t heard much follow-up since the Critical Mass violence in Seattle, but we did get a reader tip that the Seattle Police Department was considering putting their officers on bikes like this 15-gun Sniper Bike for the next CM ride …


This wonder of police engineer would shoot in all directions and most likely end like a Wile E. Coyote cartoon. Also, only effective on the flats – you’re not getting that bad-boy up Yesler.

Note that I don’t know if a top tube has ever been designed with gun barrels since then. Better for plowshares.

Hugga hat tip to Douglas Planker. Photo credit: Tribune archive photo.

RideCivil.Com is up!

RideCivil_logo.png is alive, baby! We’ve got our landing page up, as well as our blog. Check in there for our ride announcements, ride reports, the video of the 8/8/08 ride being swarmed by scooters, all your RideCivil needs.

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