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So much going on this year during the Mobile Social, for our tenth anniversary, check this edit!

Mobile Social Interbike 15 Photos

On the Strip

On the Strip

The 10th edition of the Mobile Social Interbike rode the Strip from Mandalay Bay to downtown Las Vegas and it was more chaotic than controlled this year because of the ebike continent zooming around, distracting participants from the planned route. All part of the action though and Green Guru calliope anchored the ride. When the front groups stopped to wonder where everyone else was, all they had to do was listen for the bass sounds, and there the rest of the ride was.


Folding Wheelie

As I posted, upon arrival at Interbike the first thing I saw was the Yendra Bootlegger, and two of those led us out like reverse rickshaw/bike chariots, and offered the best seats in the house. Other notable rides included a penny farthing, chain chopper, and a fatbike tandem.

Green Gurus music bike

Green Guru boom bike

We hope you join Tern, New Belgium, Green Guru, and us for the 11th edition in 2016. It’s the best part of the show; at least we think so.

View the rest of the photos on G+.

On Our Tenth Anniversary

These Strip rides in Vegas are always like a club Stefon, Weekend Update’s city correspondent, would visit. Welcoming all to ride with us, and starting at Mandalay before ending up downtown, there’s the controlled chaos of the group in a Las Vegas boulevard lane. Filling that lane for blocks are a cast of characters doing wheelies, on fixies, funky freaks, zooming eBikes, low choppers, adult-size big wheels, retro road bikes, folders, and even a 36-inch mountain bike followed by a 3-wheeled cargo trike.

We’ve seen it all and then some in the hour or so the ride takes. About 1/2 way along the route, Hammer and Cycle joins us from Dino’s and it gets even weirder with denim, leather, and cruisers riding by clubs attended by “sunburnt drifters with soapsuds beards.”

We haven’t seen Furkles, Jewpids, human bathmats, Teddy Graham people, or Gizblow the Coked-Up Gremlin, but there’s always next year! And we hope you join Tern, New Belgium, Green Guru, and us.

Mobile Social Meet Spot

As per the usual, the Mobile Social meet spot has changed. Now in the parking lot outside shark reef, look for Tern Bicycles trucks with bikes. And see you there. We’re not hard to find, but here are the digits.

Party Started

A photo posted by Byron (@bikehugger) on

In what’s been described as an odd, strange year for the industry, the first bike I see is the Yendra Bootlegger…well, let’s get this party started, right! The Bootlegger was featured in Logan’s free cover story from Issue 26 and there it is, up on two of its three wheels. Read more about the Bootlegger on iTunes or the Web, and I’m sure I’ll see it again, doing tricks and stuff.

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