WADA, the IOC, and Cycling

I want to believe that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is fighting to make all sports better and clean, but every quote from some figure of WADA makes me crazy. Cyclingnews reports that John Fahey, the successor to infamous WADA chief and current IOC official Dick Pound, states that WADA may recommend that the International Olympic Committee remove weightlifting and cycling from the Olympics because of their history of rampant doping.

Yeah riiiight. Because those two sports are dirty compared to….I don’t know, track and field? I mean, there’s been no history of doping in track and field. And if there has been, it certainly hasn’t led to Olympic medals being reassigned or world records being invalidated.

Machines that die

IMG_0145.jpg To many cyclists, their bicycles seem to take on a life of their own, they treat them like old friends. To me personally, I don’t think of my bikes as being living, sentient beings. But I while I will never think of a bike as being alive, I assure you that they can be dead.

Take the bike of 2008 Dead Baby Bike Race winner Jacob Dwyer. I ran into him as I was leaving the greatest video store on the planet, Scarecrow Video. He showed me his road bike which was broken clean through the seat tube.

Honor the stop—comitting to riding legal

Honor_the_stop_wristband.jpg Honorthestop.org is making is personal. Wear the colors, get the card and take the pledge to obey all roadway laws and to respectfully encourage others to do the same. They were recently featured in the New York Times. The campaign isn’t just for cyclists, it’s for all roadway users.

Marc Evans started the campaign after an on-duty sherriff’s deputy killed Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson who were training for a triathlon.

Good to see these guys stepping up to the plate and making a personal commitment to riding safely and legally.

Fast Standing Still

Waterford spotted on Flickr.

Uploaded by absenter | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

NYT: Asphalt Fights

The NYT reports on road tension between cyclists, cars, and pedestrians

Cars, bikes and pedestrians all scramble for space in Manhattan.

with quotes from BikeSnobNYC

I’m taking photos of people who almost kill me.

The article recounts a handful of recent incidents, but doesn’t mention the Critical Mass violence in Seattle or deaths. I’ve been bookmarking cycling deaths in the news as I see them.


Seattle PI blogs about the story and there’s the predictable bike hate response.

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