Campy Bling Bling

Today’s dose of vélocouture seen at Interbike 2008.

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Pedal Power Shirt

pedal_power_shirt.jpg When we’re in Taipei later this month, I’m looking for this shirt to match this one I got in Shanghai.

Belt Drive Slippage…Bull$hit!

Belt Drive

I stopped in to the Spot booth to take a look at how the Belt drive works. I talked with one of the guys about the rumor that belt drives slip. I think that in some cases it might be true, but not this one. Getting a belt to slip is damn near impossible with the Polycarb teeth mated to the belt. Getting the belt on and off is really the only drawback that I see since it will require a gap in the drive side rear triangle.

Interbike Favorites

Andrew and Byron have both weighed in on their favorite gear at Interbike 2008, and I’m overdue.

First off, I was excited to see that Xtracycle is releasing a center stand. We’ve blogged extensively about Big Dummy Bettie 2.5 and Val’s custom center stand. We love Val’s stand and it’s rock solid. We’ve used it while blending smoothies, and its great for stabilizing heavy loads. Val’s stand is pricey and out of reach for most xtracyclers, so this seems like a good option that is compatible with your WideLoaders. Retailing at $139 we’d love to see a handlebar mounted lever release integrated into the Xtracycle center stand, but we’re excited this product will soon be available.

Off the beaten path at Interbike - Part 5



When I saw this I instantly thought - there’s a product I need. For any of you who have gone to a race of any sort and had to go from street clothes to chamois and back - you’ve done any number of back-seat duck and covers. Usually this involves a towel, or a changing kilt, or a T-shirt that’s hopefully long enough to cover your junk. Most of the time you’re staggering your times getting dressed so you don’t accidentally get an eyeful of hairy ass, or worse.

The Sqivvy makes perfect sense - just an easy-up “tent” to hop in, and hop out of. The best part - Retail is $90 and you can buy it directly from these guys. I want…I want!

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