The Best Bike Catalog. Ever.

Liv 1.jpg

I used to collect bicycle catalogs. Then I had a Tyler Durden moment, and decided that the things I owned were not only owning me, but they were living in my apartment and not paying rent. So I threw them out. (Well, all except the Bianchi catalogs 1995 to the present). I mean, leave a bike catalog out, and normal people aren’t gonna look at it an compliment you on your taste.

But that may not be the case with Giant Bicycles’ “Liv” catalog. This catalog is a damned nice coffee table book, full of shots of women wearing fashionable clothing and occasionally with Giant bikes. I found this in a Giant-owned shop in Taipei. I tried and failed to buy their only copy.

Liv 2.jpg
Liv 3.jpg
Liv 4.jpg

There may have been pretty girls gorgeously pictured on every page, but I just read it for the…uh, geometry charts.