Zamfir and his iFlute

Like other iPhone users I’ve got a selection of apps

  • Omnifocus – BORING, getting work done
  • BrightKite – More time-sucking social work, statusing, sharing, SNOOZE
  • Google Maps with Street View – f’ing amazing and a bit SPOOKY
  • NYT, MNN for reading and falling ASLEEP
  • Ustream - 100 channels of CRAP, like streamed Public Access TV


and then there’s the magical Ocarina (named for an ancient clay wind instrument). Ocarina is an App that transforms my cell phone into a musical instrument and streams the notes I play out into the world.

I think the last time I was that excited about a computer game, was when the family played Pong for hours on end during a Christmas in the 70s. Or much later when I discovered naked chicks online with my Mac Centris 610. Anyway, back to the App Store; last year, I asked what Apps cyclists we’re using and I haven’t found the “killer app yet.” While Ocarina is entertaining and a work of genius, I doubt anyone would appreciate me starting group rides playing notes from my cell phone, like Zamfir and his iFlute. Just last night, Pam told me to stop being disruptive with Ocarina during Law & Order TV time. Hmmph, I’ll show her by eventually learn how to play along with the Law & Order theme song!

SMHeartlink just announced an suite of iPhone fitness apps. I guess maybe they talk to ANT devices (like Bluetooth for power meters), I sure hope so. A problem is the current iPhones and iPod Touches are not multithreaded. That means if the fitness app is running, I’m not texting or getting calls, or blogging, or taking photos. The current crop of bikes apps, are not “killer” and include such things as a blinkie.

What we need is an Ocarina type, genius app that plays my ride back, shares it with the world, is fun, and practical. Developers are trying, but just not there yet.


Nope—because you’d have to leave the iPhone on the whole ride and in that app. We need an ANT+ device to talk to iPhones and that’s “money.” So I can use an iBike, Garmin, PowerTap to do what they do best and then share it and collaborate with my iPhone. Also, then coach with the iPhone.

I really doubt you’ll get iPhone on ANT+.  They won’t even open up Bluetooth like they should.  Maybe Garmin 705 just needs to add a phone capability instead ;)

However it works. What I’m saying is, let the iPhone does what it does best—Mobile Internet Device and share that data online.

completeley unrealteded but iphone does have a gear inche calculator that will also calculate the flat spots that will develop from skiding on a fixie.

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