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Challenge.JPGSo it’s 40 days into the “Challenge”. I’m good so far. Minimum ride for me is 30 minutes with most days around 2 hours. My wife thinks I’m nuts, but you are all keeping me honest. “I can’t bail on the challenge!”.



I’m still 100% although one night I only rode 1 mile. All sorts of excuses for that one.But I could not break the string of consecutive rides.
I had to take my bike with me on a three day buisness trip to keep it up.The last 2 days were pretty wet and today will be too.
Thats alright though ,it feels good because at the moment it’s not freezing.

I love to ride!
remember 925,


Good job, Andrew! I’m still on my unbroken streak since Halloween 2006. I’ve commuted 5 days most weeks, with the occasional ride from a friend due to rain. But I still get in 30 minutes after work in that case. My average daily is 3 hours. Keep it up!

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