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Riding to the Yahoo! Developer Summit, I met Chris from, asked where to go, and he showed me the way. Chris told me about his urban assault commute in London and we rode in traffic, sidewalks, crossing roundabouts, and most of it was a blur, but I arrived intact and safely. It was raining, 40 degrees, and I felt right at home.


The wrong side of the road thing confuses me most at intersections and roundabouts, so I just wait for other cyclists and see where they go.


I often dread asking other cyclists for directions.  A while back I was riding into an unfamiliar area to go look at a used Kayak that somebody had on Craigslist.  I asked a cyclist for directions and he said “sure, just follow me!”  He was riding hard (not a big deal) and haphazardly, crossing on red, on sidewalks, wrong way, etc (a really big deal!).  I thought we were going to die!  I’m not accustomed to riding that way!

Those look like brompton bars, so much mor ubiquitous than here…

Those are indeed Brompton bars and I’ll post about my visit with [Brompton]( and ride when I get back.

Yep, that’s my Brompton, I hated it at first, I had to get it as the trains only let you on with a folder during rush hour (I live in Brighton).  Brompton’s are great but I wonder why they continue to fit them with poor quality parts, I mean, £8 brake levers on a £600 bike.

Nice to meet you last week Byron.

Nice to meet you as well, [check my post]( on touring Brompton’s factory and riding all over London. I addressed the parts spec concern with Brompton and they’re aware of it. They’re building to their spec with everything focused on the form and function. At the same time, a gear-head is going to want shiny new parts . . .

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