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Late this afternoon, right as the sun is setting, Bettie and I will emerge from the Hugga HQ garage draped in black and riding like a bat of out hell, hell-bent on scaring the Underoos off the neighborhood children. The spooky plan includes scary sounds played on an iPod connected to a speaker and a basket full of candy to give away, after the children realize it’s just that guy in the ‘hood who’s really into bikes …



What do you have planned for your bike and Halloween?


My plan is to cut out o’ work early as possible and ride like a bat out of hell so I can get home in time to light a bonfire and see the kids off for trick or treating. 
-then eat candy when they get back.

that’s a good plan—I’m considering ways to make that basket more menacing.

We have our Critical Mass here in San Diego tonight. I don’t often ride, but the October Masses are tons of fun. Bailing on the ride with a buddy once it gets near the party our wives will be at. Just trying to figure out how to ride while wearing my Jesus robe…

There’s a critical mass tonight in Seattle as well—- the freaks come out a night!

I’m putting on my nun’s habit and riding into downtown Minneapolis for drinks with the collection of reprobates I call friends.  Then, together, we’ll pedal around while in costume and find other like souls…

here is a picture of our trick or treat machine - Treat Machine - it has battery operated flashing skulls!

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