Work less and Bicycle More

One of my vacation mantras is, “Work less and Bicycle More,” and in Maui next week, it’ll be all eat, sleep, ride. Like most of us, I work way too much, and just found the Work Less Party from a comment Jean left on my Well-Traveled Cyclist post from earlier in the year.

That’s my new year’s wish for a da ugga readers (including Snow), work less and bicycle more. On that topic, what do you do to ride more?



How are you?

This post made me smile.

A little humor goes a long way.

I wrote about it on ‘Serge the Concierge’.

Slightly off topic, I am taking part in an online Fundraiser involving Bloggers the world over that was launched on December 11.
It is called Menu for Hope and is raising funds for the UN Food Program.
Check my post with my Prize for more details
Help us spread the word.

Enjoy your vacation


What do I do to ride more? Well, besides commuting to work on my bike whenever the weather is good enough, a critical thing is working with my wife on sharing kid duties, so I can free up some time on the weekend to ride more. So, I’ll be free to ride on Saturday morning, but I trade off with her by watching the kids on Sunday morning, so she can go to Yoga.

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