Woohoo Spring Shoe Review

New urban shoes just arrived from our partners at Onlineshoes.com and we’re testing them out. Seen in the photo are Doc Martens Nates.

Pam’s wearing Keen Sienna Mary Janes and we’ll try out the new SPD-compatible Springwater.

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I am really disappointed that Keen didn’t decide to make their SPD shoe based on one of the ‘BLVD’ models… like the Austin or Briggs/Bronx.  That would’ve been something unique… instead, they offered something totally boring.

I want to like the shoes I do. They’re too narrow for me and just aren’t that comfortable. They’re also very heavy. But I know cyclist dig them. What I wear for urban is Sidis and a set of Time MTB downhill pedals. I think if they widened the shoe or based it on another entirely different shoe and cut the weight in 1/2, then we’re talking.

I’ve been using 8-year old Diadora Chili’s with Onza clipless pedals. The rubber lugs on the heels are starting to separate from the sole, and I can’t get them to reglue. I’d like to get new shoes, but every pair I’ve tried have been too narrow, and I’ve tried 3 or 4 different brands.  I’d also like the shoes to have a less aggressive sole than the Chili’s.  They’ve got to look good in shorts or pants, too.

Exactly—I went through this same thing and ended up with the Sidi Wides. Comfortably, great shoes, last forever, but they look like MTB shoes. The issue I have with Keens, is it’s like glueing cleats and straps to a concrete block and riding around. I’m not that big of a weight weenie, but just can’t ride around with something that weights that much. That’s not even considering the weight in the travel case.

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