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Now that carbon frames are ubiquitous, that super-light frame of yours just isn’t turning heads like it used to. Lucky for you, my narcissistic friend, several companies’ new high-tech composite frames are sure to turn the tables back in your favor, and there’s little danger of wide adoption. I am of course referring to wooden frames.

Concept bikes from GP Design Partners and Waldmeister use traditional layering-and-molding methods to create these beautiful frames:


waldmeister-bike-full.jpg (First spotted by Frank last September.)

Just don’t let mom catch you using a water bottle without a coaster. Oh, and from the swedes, a wooden bike for junior:


Via the Goat


Nice! reminds me of the [Freakin’ bamboo fixie](! at Interbike. Elliott Bay had the kids bike in for the holidays and it was actually really nice.

Check out the Skuut .  Simplicity for the new kid looking for a little two-wheel freedom.

Just wanted to mention that the Waldmeister Bike is no “concept bike”. The frame is being produced in small numbers (one per month) near Munich, Germany and the Bike is assembled in Freiburg, at the Supernova Design HQ. The bike is at least as stable as a steel frame. The complet bike costs from USD 13,000-15,400, depending on the level of customization.


Thanks. Are you affiliated with Waldmeister? If so, get us a bike to review!

It is interesting that this was done over 60 years ago
“At the beginning of World War II, John T. Whalen, with Webster E. Janssen of the Janssen Piano Co., Inc., developed this laminated-wood-frame bicycle which was designed to conserve critical materials yet provide essential transportation. Wood subsequently proved to be more critical than metal, so the bicycle was not marketed.”
Look at the image the resemblance is uncany

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