Windows Phone 7 Bicycles

Mentioned a few times after using a prototype that Windows new mobile OS is, well, entirely different and massively improved. Also noticed today that the OS ships with bicycle photos, including this one


and another of a rain bike with race number. I ride with several MS peeps – probably know that bike. As we learned a few years ago, they’ve got thousands of commuters (video). It’s also another example of how the bike connects people across a variety of demographics and devices.


They’re not familiar with Rule 41?

Possibly looked better in the photo?

I’m seeing bikes used in all kinds of marketing and unrelated product information. Are there any sites collating that kind of info.

Also, I was watching Child’s Play (remember Chucky?) with the family the other night, and there was a seriously cool two-bulb wall lamp in the little boy’s bedroom with the wheels housing the lightbulbs. I’ll try to pull a screenshot and post it somewhere.

I tracked some of it on Flickr and in some posts, but it’s everywhere from the grocery aisle to TV ads. The latest is the BMW ads with the SUV passing the 3 guys riding.

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