Why doesn’t everybody live in Bend?


5mi outside of downtown Bend, OR and you have good roads, rolling hills, and stunning views of Mt. Bachelor and the Sisters. I think Chris Horner has it figured out - Bend’s most famous cycling resident.


I lived there for a year in 2002-2003. I also grew up on Corvallis and started going to Bachelor in the early eighties on a regular basis.

Great place if you don’t need any “culture” or a strong economic base. It’s built on a service sector with very low mean income.

That said, great place to be a ski bum or professional athlete…

From everything I understand about the place, it would be another Boulder, but for the economics. Their mistake is not being a college town.

Some of the nicest roads in the world are in the Tri-Cities, same type of area, across the river and a hundred miles are so. That’s where I rode [all them miles](http://bikehugger.com/2007/02/fair-weather-riders.html).

i think it is the high-unemployment, lack of economic base and culture are the primary reasons.  i could live there if i was retired or worked from home.  i wouldn’t move there without a girlfriend.  rough goings for the single and out of college crowd.

I’m heading up there for a week vacation at the end of July - staying at Black Butte Ranch. Any good resources for ride routes?

I don’t live there because I don’t want to wait on Californian expats.


See [Ride Oregon Ride](http://rideoregonride.com/) and [Deschutes County](http://rideoregonride.com/).

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