Who’s Getting an iPad?

We asked this question in Facebook and a lively discussion is happening. Asking it here too. If you are getting one, what are you doing it with it? For what we do here, we are, but I’m struggling with the role of a third device.


Photo: velodramatic

As I’ve written about in the Lightness of Computer, I travel with a bike, iPhone, and Macbook Air. So I’m like, well what would I do with the iPad?


I’ll probably be getting an iPad in a few months after the initial production runs and I want one with 3G capabilities.  I have been finding my iPhone and carrying a thumb drive is good enough for most business trips, but more screen real estate would be useful, so I’ll travel with an iPad and iPhone in the future ... leave the laptop home.

er - there is no way I’m going to mount an iPad on my bike

Though I prefer Android, I see the purpose of an iPod touch that makes phone calls.

What I don’t get is the need for something that won’t fit in my pocket and doesn’t strike the kind of balance of convenience and functionality that a MacBook Pro, let alone MacBook Air, can offer me. As long as this thing depends on iTunes and a separate data contract, it’s just spending on top of what I already pay for a computer and mobile data plan for my phone. I believe I can deal with a slightly heavier bag… and thicker wallet.

Yep and I’m like where does this fit? There are lots of reasons as a bike blogger I’d want one, but damn do I dig my Macbook Air. The 3G is for travel in areas without fee Wifi or where WiFi fails like at a conference.

The photoshoped iPad isn’t relevant for most, but consider what we do on the Mobile Socials with a ride leader and it starts to make more sense.

Forget the tablet on a stem part of that picture; first thing I noticed was the bartape job on those handlebars. Is the recession so bad that it’s now “le mode” to only wrap small sections of the bar?

We didn’t photoshop that, but it’s the bends.

I thought this was interesting:

At the New York Auto Show this week, automaker Hyundai did the expected by announcing its 2011 models. But Hyundai surprised everyone by announcing it’s 2011 Equus sedan will come with a free Apple iPad that will serve as the car’s owners manual.

“The plan is to have a complimentary iPad with each vehicle,” Miles Johnson, Product Public Relations Manager for Hyundai, told TechNewsDaily.

Hyundai Luxury Car to Include Free iPad | LiveScience

Too bad this is just vaporware right now… it looks a lot more like what I thought the iPad should be:


And we don’t think anyone should put one on their bars, but do think in a small pack on your back, yes.

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