Wheel Crushed by a Bus

So what happened was

Andrew was sitting behind the articulation point on a bus, with a new rim in a wheelbag, and the bus took a right turn. The wheelbag was captured in the articulation point between the seats and the wheel was compressed as the bus turned.

Andrew nearly lost a finger trying to pull it free.


Likely made a horrific sound as well.


That’s a serious bummer—though on the bright side, if you have to have your wheel crushed by a bus, that’s probably the best possible scenario…


I was sitting in the forward facing seat on a crowded bus so I put the wheel between my bag.  As we started out there was a good 12” between the rim and the sideways seat on the swivel.  As we turned right I finally noticed that it was getting much closer as we were already 1/2 way around the turn.  I tried to get it out and had my finger in the rim center (bag wasn’t zipped) and tried to free it.  Sadly, the bus kept turning and then “CRACK!”.  It was truly a horrible sound and my finger got pretty damn squished.  Total miles on the wheel…0.0.  DAMNIT!!!!

it coulda been worse… i had a customer who did the exact same thing with a bike in an S&S case

Articulated buses eat bikes. Where’s Bus Chick?

S&S Case!!!  Man that would be completely shite.

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