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Doing something


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Doing research. A scientist’s foundation is research…even if you’re a mad scientist. I will find a way to run an XX1 10-42t 11-sp cassette with a road lever. 


If you make that 10-42t work with say a 36 tooth single front chain ring and snicker-snack shifting with campy levers (derrailoeur your choice so long as it’s quick and sure) DO let me know.  I have cross bikes that would wear that well….

If some CNC machined parts are required, contact me, I can help….

bryanwi <at> bryanwi <dot com>

(Byron and Mark V have both met me, though I’m not at all memorable - but I am local…. (:-))

essentially i want to use a Jtek Shiftmate to make an 11sp road shifter work with the XX1 rear derailleur. that derailleur is the only one that works with SRAM’s 10-42 cassette.  i still have a few of the Jtek Shiftmates rattling about in my parts drawers.  there were 4-5 versions to match different derailleur/shifter/cassette spacing combinations; perhaps one of them will provide the change in cable pull ratio necessary to mate one of the 3 different road levers to that XX1 derailleur.

first step is to measure the cable pull of intended lever as well as the XX1 shifter.  it is best to measure the cable movement of the shifter while it is attached to a bike. you have to see the cable, so bikes with internal routing won’t work.  in the photos, i’m measuring Byron’s Davidson titanium with Red 11sp. i’m getting 29.4mm of total cable travel.  clearly it’s best to have some dial calipers to rather than trying to compare to a tape measure. now i need to measure a bike with XX1.

it might very well come to pass that none of the remaining Jtek Shiftmates in my possession will make a SRAM 11sp road lever work with an XX1 derailleur; but maybe one will mate an 11sp STI or Ergo to the derailleur. and if that doesn’t work, maybe we’ll have a conversation about CNC’ing a new pulley for the Shiftmate.

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