What can you do with one hand?

While braking with one hand using the Brake Director, you can use the other hand to gesture wildly at motorists, admire your bling bling, sip an espresso, make a call, and push the buttons on your power meter.

Joking aside, the Brake Director was invented to address the needs of riders with upper body limitations, like recovering from a broken collarbone. It works by activating both brakes with one lever.


I have one hand and use a Cable Doubler from http://www.problemsolversbike.com

It works well, and isn’t as fugly as the Brake Director.


I was really dissapointed to see it didn’t allow you to alter the brake bias.

I’m sure that by using a lever hinged like a flippyshift and a bit of engineering you could allow one-handed to pull stoppies & skids!

Agreed that it’s not the cleanest piece of hardware, but I think it was created out of necessity and the inventor made it himself.

I fully understand the comments, but there is more to this product than a regular rider might think.

A doubler in a normal 2 lever setup is limited by operating one brake well, the other brake not so well.  We use the doubler to allow either the left or right lever to operate Brake Directorâ„¢.

If you tried it yourself, you would experience that this is more than just a solution for Riders with Limitation.  When it was installed on a fully suspended mountain bike, the results so impressed the rider, he called me up and asked to videotape a testimonial.  It’s not on the web site right now, but I’ll send out the DVD with it if anyone is interested.

The latest news: We are negotiating with Volcanic Bikes of Olympia which builds and sells their own bikes to bicycle police all over the country including LA and Seattle.  The Puyallup Bicycle Police are not only looking at it, but on behalf of the International Police Mountain Bike Association, they will test and write a review to be published in the Association Newsletter this summer.

Brake Directorâ„¢ has a differencial that uses all the multiplied energy of this patented invention this way:  The first phase brings the brake pads to the rim, 1 to 1, just like any braking system.  When the pads make contact with the rim, the wheels sync, the power doubles to more than 2 strong hands.  It is not an on/off switch.  The entire range of generated power is available to you.  The remaining lever is now more sensitive, allowing the rider finer control of the brakes.

Now this is not for everyone.  Riders who need individual wheel control for tricks and difficult terrain will not use this. It’s a unique alternative, but if the bicycle police use it, then what could you experience with it?  We just were at the Group Health Seattle Bicycle Expo this last weekend.  Lots of people tested it.  We’d be more than willing to let you test it yourself.  Experience is the real test.  If you’d like to test it, contact us through the web site.

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