What Stays in Vegas

Press released and discussed at length on their blog, Interbike is staying in Vegas.

Let the comments commence!


It makes total sense. Other cities are more bike friendly and have more personality but Vegas has the rooms…and the desert.

The Outdoor Demo is now super critical to Interbike’s success, and Boulder is perfect for the Outdoor Demo.

Hello Carlton! Thanks for joining us. As we learned, Vegas is more rideable than what most people think and the City is actively making it better and so is Interbike with more events. It’s the union rules that hurt the ability to ride a bike. I think it’s dumb to take a bus to ride and suggest they setup a closer parking lot with urban bikes or something. Road, Dirt, all represented, urban bikes are not.

But I do know for those playah hatin’ on Interbike, they’re definitely talking to us about making the event better and in this old-school industry, they’ve embraced the blogosphere.

Thanks for the kind words about the decision, guys. The final straw in favor of Vegas was that we couldn’t bear to see the end of the “Vegas Sucks” bumper stickers.

But seriously, we didn’t take this decision lightly and really invested a lot of time and effort to getting the industry’s feedback and buy-in on the right venue choice.

vegas has a lot of flights into their airport, a lot of taxis, a lot of rooms.  i’m not surprised, but i’m awfully tired of the casinos and cigarette smoke.

i had heard that California was in the running, but it all comes for naught.  Not that I really followed things too closely, but was Boulder really a contender?  Nice, sure, but I didn’t get the feeling that it had more to offer than than good riding for a big industry convention.  Denver I could see as accommodating, but I’d rather have Vegas if that’s the case.

And they’ve got a faux monorail with lax security, as [Mark demonstrates here](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nNHJlDtRDY) when we were in town for CES (at the 46 seconds mark)


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to chime in on this string as a Vegas local.  I think the reason we get such a bad rap is that the only area people see when they get here is the strip.  I couldn’t agree with you all more that the strip area is not a good place to ride a bike.

If I could make a suggestion, get away from the strip and ride around, or, even better, e-mail me and I’ll show you some epic rides in and around Vegas.  A great hotel to book is the Red Rock Station Resort on the edge of the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area.  They are bike friendly and you can even rent a System Six from them with Lew Racing Wheels.

Come on guys…give us a chance to show you the real Vegas!

@ Marc,

Right on. Check this video about the [calmest road in America](hhttp://bikehugger.com/2007/11/vegas_cycling.htm).  I’ve ridden to Red Rock and back, the lake, right down the strip and onto the calmest road in America . . .

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