What Shoe Boots These?

Alien8 sent us photos from Pret a Rouler and while going through them, I paused at this otherwise throwaway photo …


What shoes/boots are these! Gary-Fisher’esque, Steam-punky-latex-fetish, orange-accented gogo boots with SPDs?

Would’ve worn those home from London, had we seen them.


Excellent find!

I concur, spats!  But with a different link:

Velorution has been alerted that a cycle fashion show is to be staged on 14th October 2010 at the Barbican in London, billed as “Pret a Rouler”

Velorution, as the organiser of the first cycle fashion show staged in London called Pret a Rouler <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s—6lAM36LE> owns the trademark “Pret a rouler” and has NOT AUTHORISED other people to stage similar shows with the Pret a Rouler name.

Legal Demands

I hereby demand that:

1. the organisers of the show cease and desist from calling their planned show and any future cycle-fashion shows “Pret a Rouler” or any other name that can be confused with it;

2. the organisers of the show cease and desist from using the website pretarouler.co.uk to advertise and promote fashion cycle shows;

3. the organisers of the show write to Velorution, copying everyone in the to:  box above, a letter of apology for wilfully using the Pret a Rouler trademark without authorisation;

4. any organisation involved in staging and promoting the event on 14.10.10, and any other cycle fashion shows, from using the name Pret a Rouler in any promotional media, printed or online;

5. any individual, company or organisation showcasing their products or services at the above show from referring to and promoting the event as the Pret a Rouler show;

6 any media organisation or individual who has called the above event Pret a Rouler, to write a correction, stating that Velorution was the organiser of the original Pret a Rouler event and has not licensed any other organisation to stage similar events with the name Pret a Rouler.

If you do meet the terms and conditions set forth above, Velorution will take legal action against you for damages.

Please acknowledge your receipt of this correspondence and your intent to comply with this demand by reply email.


Andrea Casalotti
18 Great Titchfield St
London W1W 8BD


020 7637 4004

Yes Fabric Horse does make spats but the link has changed… you can see them here!  http://fabrichorse.com/clothing/spats.html

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