What is the Bike Fairy bringing you?

Here at Hugga we’re constantly on the look out for useful and innovative cycling parts and accessories. What’s on your wish list? What do you hope the Bike Fairy will leave under your pillow… Er, in your garage?

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I’d like the bike fairy to meet the [bike nymph](http://bikehugger.com/2008/05/fixed_fantasy.htm) and jointly develop a drop-bar with an internally-geared hub that was race worthy. And then go and talk to Shimano about why Coasting failed and console the dealers that are learning that Batavus failed in the US market.

The bike fairy (erm, well, UPS guy) has delivered my new bike today. It’s waiting for me when I get home.

Recently got myself a hybrid commuter bike, and that’s worked out really well, so I decided I needed road bike to go along with it for longer weekend fun rides and such.

It’s not the fanciest or most expensive bike in the world, but it’s mine and i’m going to love it with all of my (cold, dark) little heart.


That sounds like a great day Jamie. Tell us more about your new whip!

After the ride home today, I think a shiny new AIR HORN (or maybe two) would do the trick.

Hey hey! See the [Air horn here on Bettie](http://www.flickr.com/photos/huggerindustries/2487571641/in/set-72157605034412816/): an Air Zound 90db audible warning device.

Top on my bike wist are Long Loader and Wide Loaders for my Xtracycle, who come to think of it needs a name, and Bicygnals.

Excellent. One my list of things to invent was indicator lights for bikes!

The bike fairy is coming next week with my Seven Muse frame; my commuting will get a bit more fun.

I really wouldn’t mind the bike fairy herself. If not, I need a new wheel set.


Righ, like the bike fairy had a maintenance gig; wave her little wand and boom, you got new tires.

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