What drivetrain is this?

Whatever that is, we’re looking for it at Interbike.

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A 2x6 drivetrain from a bike that weighs 2.9kg complete. I held it myself. Stupid light!!

and that’s what I’m talkin’ bout for Cross—a 2 x 6 or even a 1 x 9.

i can’t even imagine how fragile that is.  it would last about 10 minutes on a cx course

but it would be glorious for that lap.

The Huret Jubilee rear D has been a mainstay on ultralight bikes in the past. Friction only… I’ve seen them way more drilled out than that before… Usually, the pulleys are round with no teeth.

here’s a photo of a real nice one…


it looks like a cross between a Spanish Dadaist sculpture and a Huret Jubilee.

I was seeing Steam Punk style, like it was a derailleur pushed by steam, which is cool in a steam punky way.

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