What did you forget Today?

Seems there isn’t a race or ride I do where I don’t forget something. Like discovering the tube that’s in the saddle bag is the old flat tube or that I don’t even have the saddle bag. No helmet, front wheel, or damn it my Polar!

Forgotten items I’ve heard of include

  • A bike – arrived at the race, no bike on car. FAIL
  • Shoes – I think we’ve all forgot our shoes. FAIL.
  • Helmet – you can usually find a helmet at a race or tour.
  • Gloves – yep, you can ride without them.

For her commute, Pam has forgot

  • socks
  • bra
  • underwear
  • makeup

and today a shirt. So she just wore her liner at the desk. No one probably noticed.

What have you forgot during your commute or on the big race day? (Pam and I wear the same kits, different size and a few times I’ve raced in a really tight jersey that was hers.)


My new job does a lot of maintenance work after-hours, so I’m constantly biking home now at 0300 or later. A few weeks ago, after my third consecutive night of basically working a double shift, I got on my bike and just couldn’t get comfortable on the pedals, and it felt like my cleats were disengaging constantly because I couldn’t pull at all.

About halfway home I put my bare foot down on some broken glass and realized that I was so exhausted that I’d forgotten to put my shoes back on. I also wasn’t wearing a coat, despite the fact that it was about 40°.

Go me!

Somehow Monday is my forget to something important for the commute day - I’ve yet to forget trousers entirely, but I’ve learned to keep a spare pair of underwear in a plain manila envelope at my workstation.

Oddly, I never forget to bring a replacement for Tuesday.

I forgot my water bottle(s) today for our group mtb ride… we were meeting at a conservation area about a 45 minute drive outside the city.  I didn’t realize until I was nearly there, but thankfully someone else left a bottle in my trunk after a ‘cross race last Fall (that has been rattling around in there ever since).

I also forgot my helmet at a 24-hr race last year.  A good friend offered to share his with me.  Seemed like a good idea until I put it on for the first time after he had done a lap.  *squish*


Was racing in a 24 hour urban endurance race (FM24) and went home for a couple hours of sleep. Got back up at 3:30am and drove back to the race but I forgot my front wheel in the drive way. Wasted about 40 minutes or one lap.

Most famous forgetting ever (for me): Boots for a hiking trip. Arrived at the trail head in my birkenstocks, inventoried my gear and realized my boots were 4 hours away. Fortunately, we arrived early and managed to drive back into a local town and rent acceptable boots. I’m happy to report the hike was a success.

I haven’t had anything quite so bad on the bike for a while, worst case forgettion—power supply for laptop (left at home).

At PBP last summer I forgot to put the insoles into my shoes.  I had taken them out to dry from riding in the rain the day before.  Not a big deal, or even the worst I’ve forgotten, but starting out a 750 mile ride without them gave me a second of “oh, shit! - well too late to go back for them”

I’ve forgotten my lock for my work commute a few times.  Since I ride to a carpool I had to turn around since there isn’t anywhere I can stash my bike.

I too forgot my boots for a short backpacking trip once.  Unfortunately I had to do the trip in my Chacos.

For her commute, Pam has forgot
and today a shirt. So she just wore her liner at the desk. END QUOTE

whoa—that’s HOT.


wallet, cell phone, and keys have all found ways to not make it into my jersey pockets.  or the classic, remember the co2 cartridge but forget the screw top that allows you to use it.

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