Well-Traveled Cyclist Learns to Love Seattle

The Seattle PI reports on the travels of Rune Monstad, all 16,000 miles of them, and how Seattle has helped him out after a thief stole his wallet, passport, and pride.


That was a great story about how lots of folks helped Rune out after he got robbed in Seattle!  He was probably in a hurry or very trusting, otherwise he would not have left his wallet, etc. on his bicycle.  I also want to tell you about a cyclist in Bellingham, WA, Robert, of http://www.theslowlane.com  He c.ycles everywhere (has never driven a car) and takes 4-5 weeks off every summer, cycling all over the USA.  He has never been robbed, but he has some interesting suggestions for cyclists to prevent theft.  One is to put dirty socks on your bike.  It makes the bike look trashy.  Another is to hide your valuables very deep into the pockets of your panniers (use old panniers, not fancy ones).  Mostly he just tells cyclists to never leave valuables inside your panniers, even if you are going inside a store for only a minute!  Thieves are always around, ready to snatch your stuff in a skinny minute!  Anyway, Robert has lots of fantastic info for cyclists on his cool web site.  Check it out.  He definitely lives the Slow Lane lifestyle!

Rune Monstad (the Viking Biker) stayed with a friend of mine in Vancouver, BC, Conrad Schmidt of the Workless Party.  Conrad interviewed Rune on his “Pedal Revolutionary” radio show, and [here is the interview](http://www.worklessparty.org/junk/temp.wav)  If for some reason, this link doesn’t work anymore, [contact Conrad](mailto:coordinator@worklessparty.org).  Rune was in Prince Rupert the other day and is now headed across Canada!  Way to go, Rune!

Rune was in Banff, Alberta yesterday (January 9, 2007), and CBC TV - Calgary filmed him in Lake Louise earlier that morning for the 6:00 pm news!  It was a great story about him!  Not sure if they archive it, but you can try checking http://www.cbc.ca/calgary for more information. It’s snowing a lot in the Banff area and very cold!

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