Week One

How’s the new year treating you all? Getting out for your daily rides? Seattle has been particularly unaccommodating with its dreary winter weather. If you go to weather.com they have a column to tell me just how pitiful the outlook is for “Fitness Comfort”. San Diego scores mostly 9s and 10s. Seattle’s high rating was a 4, with a couple days at 1. Ouch.

I’ve been at the challenge a week and I’m 7:7. This week might get dicey as the ice and snow comes in again and I have business trip Friday, but I think I’ve got it covered. How are the rest of you making out?


It’s been 40s and dry here in Mpls and I’m on the couch watching Quicksilver with a broken leg thanks to getting t-boned on the January 5th.

Very wet and windy in the UK so far in 2007.

Just about to head out for my 9th ride of the year though :)

Quicksilver is “On Demand” right now for free for those of you with Comcast.  Certainly no substitute for getting out there yourself, sorry to hear you’re layed up.  BTW - check out the race scene between Bacon and Fishburn where Bacon’s bike turns from fixed gear (no brakes) to a single-speed (still no brakes) and back numerous times.  The magic of Hollywood.

Yeah Bacon does a lot of magic coasting on his fixie. And it ticks like a freewheel. He should have that looked at.

New York also looked a lot like San Francisco in 1986.

Awesome! I’m going to make the children watch it. My fav has always been there skinny legs, well, even better was the motorpacing behind a semi, but I think that was breaking away.

Andrew, since your post I am 100%.
I also have a three day buisness trip to Sacremento but the bike is going too.


Ryan - Quicksilver NY vs. SF: I’m pretty sure the setting is SF.  They trade at the SF Board of Trade.  All the building exteriors are SF, and they even show signs for the I-80 construction. 

<edit> Amazon has some comments that it’s a goof that it’s “set” in New York, but obviously shot in San Francisco.  Last I checked…those hills from the race scene don’t exist in Manhattan. </edit>

Simon and David - congrats on keeping it going despite the hiccups of weather and schedule.  It’s snowing at my house right now, so tomorrow may become a trainer ride whether I like it or not.  Keep it going!

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