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We could post for a month about Interbike 07, the Industry Cup, and the Hugga Hookup, but I’ll highlight a few topics, produce several podcasts next week, and resume our regularly scheduled programing on Monday. Also see the posts from our Interbike feature blog.

Urban Theme

brooks_basket.jpgWhile much of Interbike was the same this year, Urban Bikes were the overall theme with a big presence from Batavus, Dahon, and bikes finally shipping with Alfine, like the glorious Sycip.

I paused for a long-time at the Brooks booth to look at the most expensive basket ever made and it’s based on a 100-yr old design from Mr. Brooks himself. Also see the Brooks waxed-canvas messenger bag.


  • Crumpler’s booth was packed at all times – we tried to hookup with them and hopefully we will. Giving Crumpler a run, are the Knog naked people bags.
  • The Magic Bus from Clifbar – Clif launched the 2milechallenge and invited us for a tour (podcast to follow).
  • Dahon’s booth – I always found my way back to talk with Dahon about Urban mobility.
  • Skins – Gradient Compression performance equipment: watch for a review.
  • Boosta Shot – our Hugga Hookup sponsor was very popular during the Crit Championships.
  • Hed Jet 60 C2Hed got us one of 2 pair in existence and Mike raced them in the crit and rode them to Red Rock Canyon.
  • Hincapie Sportswear – the hugga kits were a hit and easily spotted during the Industry Cup.

Cycling in Vegas

I rode all over Vegas (podcasts to follow) and noticed the smut-by-bike delivery squad. This worker cleaned the vending machines and stocked them with more smut. He’s one of the thousands of working-class people that get their work done with bikes in Vegas.

There’s also a vibrant road and mtn scene with spectacular routes and a bike expressway.



Don’t tease us, man! How much for the basket!

I didn’t ask, as it was a “if you have to ask” thing.  The messenger bag was fantastic.

Ha, good catch on the bike delivery thing.

Did you get any feel while you were there as to when we could actually expect to get Alfine hubs seperately in the US?  I’m really wanting to build up an uber commuter with disc brakes, and would love to get my hands on an Alfine 8spd hub without having to order from Europe.

And the irony in the clean/smut . . .

Per Bicycling Magazine, the Alfine hubs are re-badged, shiny-finished Nexus 8 hubs.  I know Sheldon Brown is a big fan of the Nexus 8, so I may just go that route for my internal geared hub.

I asked Shimano folks about Alfine stuff, and they said, “soon”, which is what I think I heard last year too.

Yeah, thats what I’ve heard too, but considering disc brakes are a definite criteria for me commuting year round here in CO, that means I’ve either gotta source an Alfine hub or get that adapter from Germany so I can use discs with the Nexus.

Doesn’t make much sense to offer the roller brake hub to the US and the disc brake compatible hub everyplace else considering most American cyclists are much more familiar and comfortable with the idea of a disc brake than rollerbrake/drum brake.  Oh well.

Seriously, what is that basket? I work in a bike store and I really want to get that in my store.

AnnaZed - that was a framebuilder from Seven cycles who built himself a basket out of scrap Ti he had laying around. Must be nice eh?

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