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I first found it on this blog called Vintage Green Bike

Swiss model Julie Ordon looks quite fetching, but me thinks those tires are flat. I also found it strange that I didn’t see one Bianchi photo on that blog.


Ah the joys of a 1970s upbringing.  Every unsuitable innuendo possible just ran through my mind like the results on World of Sports ticker tape machine.
Glad to see the disemboweler of a stick shifter appears to be removed

It’s because Bianchi bicycles aren’t green. They are colored in celeste.

When Julie realized her tires were flat and popped into a shop for a fix, it’d looked like The Stooges gag with shop employees stumbling all over each other to help her. That and you’d never see a mini-frame-pump worked harder… for the first roadie that spot her and her flats.

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