Versus How They Doing?

Readers may remember Vs. contacted us for input on the Tour de France this year and you responded with lots of comments. How do you think they’re doing so far at the Tour of California? Me

  • Hummer is riffin’ with Phil and Paul quite well
  • Do not want “the intern” Rasika Mathur ever
  • Never cut to hockey or, even worse Bull Riding again.

As always, we are ever thankful for the coverage. One request: put a bubble with an arrow on the riders occasionally so we know who they are. Like they do in NASCAR.


It would be nice to get at least as much race coverage as commercials.

It is commercial heavy this year, but then I think, “good! make big money so you can show more races with more coverage.”

I don’t like the new guy, I prefer just Paul and Phil.

Those “intern” joke segments I suppose are supposed to capture the feeling new viewers of cycling races might be feeling, but it can be done in a respectful and thoughtful way instead of some ham-fisted “ha ha let’s make dumb jokes about bikes” way.

I fast-forward through commercials so they’re no big deal to me, but so far I’ve missed the finish two days in a row and hope there aren’t more problematic recording times ahead.

It was a bummer how during the heavy rains they couldn’t broadcast much, but I understand the limitations of technology. I kind of wish they just showed Paul and Phil talking and maybe looking at twitter for updates or something instead of re-hashing the day before’s racing.

I hate the scrolling GC placings crawl on the bottom of the screen they show off and on. It’s super distracting and annoying.

I thought that “the intern” was kind of funny….

The intern was painfully unfunny.

Yesterday’s recap show had some shouting-down-the-hallway echo effect.

Don’t repeat either of those two things… like I have a choice.

I still do not want Craig Hummer.

Allocate more schedule time to a live event.  Most of their coverage is taped anyway, so I don’t bother padding.

I’ve thought that this year’s coverage has been abysmal.

I really don’t want to switch to Hockey in the middle of a race. Yeah, I know, Vs. is big in the Hockey scene, I’m a Ranger’s fan, I get it. But don’t just cut away to a game with an hour left. It’s not rocket science to figure out how long a stage will last. (If XX number of riders start out in Modesto traveling 19mph, while Hockey is starting in Canada going the other direction…)

Their video quality has been terrible. For days the three of the talking heads looked like they were being baked directly by the rays of god himself. They were about 2 stops overexposed, and looked dreadful. It wasn’t until mid way through stage 4’s coverage that they seemed to work out their lighting ratio. This, also, is not rocket science.

During one of the rainy stages the camera came back to them and Craig Hummer did a lead in like “it’s good to be here under the tent” and then you could hear a producer counting down “three, two one” and then he started again. Don’t they realize they’re already on TV?

I can’t believe the number of commercials, and how off-market they are for the audience. I know that’s not VS’s fault, they don’t program the ads and the spots don’t make a lot, but I’m really not sure who those are helping.

Hummer talks wayyyyy too much. About nothing.

In a word - terrible!  I have having set my DVR (some of us do have to work) only to find about 20 miles from the finish the switch to some rodeo crap.  The have screwed us out of the best part!!!

Well that’s good to know (or rather bad), I just thought it was my stupid Comcast PVR. That thing is like playing roulette. I never know what it’ll record and if it will record, but yesterday right before the chalky sprint finish, it stopped recording!

the coverage is better on the amgen sight if you have time to watch all 4 to 5 hours live. Try doing it at work like me its great!

I’m doing OK with just the one hour recap, at least when I know I can’t see the end of the race with the live coverage recording anyway.  I added an hour of padding to the season pass, hopefully I remember to shut that off when they go back to running one-hour recaps of races run three weeks prior, i.e. “minor” events like the Vuelta or Paris-Roubaix.

The intern made me want to die.

I felt embarrassed for her when she was looking at the new Specialized TT rig.
This seems to be a knock-off of the “intern guy” they had for the Olympics on the one Canadian channel we get in Seattle, but this is a different market and it just doesn’t work…

Like I said in the post, we really, really appreciate the coverage but . . .. The intern segments are uncomfortable and make me want to initiate a [Kirsten Gum]( recall effort.

Vs/OLN has a history of doing these dumb bits… anyone remember the Cutters at the tour a couple years ago??? at least they found their heads on that one and stopped running the segment about halfway through the race…

intern=awful, its like bicycling magazines retarded love child or something….

other than that i to am annoyed that they cant seem to get the programming right for us working/Tivo stiffs. hella frustrating…. been able to watch it on the ATOC site at work though so its not too big of a deal….

and i may be blaspheming here….but do they HAVE to interview Lance every day??? how about talking to some of the other guys for a change??? we get it, he’s back, now go talk to Rollin or Danielson or Vande Velde or somehting!!!!!! more DZ!!!

Coverage is wonderful, because we have it.  I’d rate it 400x (or more) better than LY (I know, there wasn’t any last year—that’s my point.
To be watching even an hour of highly commercialed, sometimes poor quality coverage of a cycling race in America—gentlemen, women, children of all ages—rejoice.

Like him or hate him, thank you Lance.

Please feel free to repost these comments for the Giro d’Italia.


Good point and what I was saying with “thank you.” But. The point here is less to rant and more to vent and hope they continue to improve. For instance, the camera work is very well done. Composed shots, on the bikes, and more. That feature with Levi and Odessa was great.

One thing I’ve been hoping for is for Universal Sports to pick up more cycling. If you’ve seen their World Cup skiing coverage it’s awesome. Cause they just turn the camera on the race. They’re probably buying some feed and sitting in a studio somewhere and cool. Point is no features, no filler, nothing but racing.

Holy cow their are dense people here today!
“The intern made me want to die”?
“the intern was painfully unfunny”?
Geezus get a life you people! wake up and get out of the house every once in a while… She’s an F’n standup comic for christ sakes… if you people weren’t so F’n overly PC sensity you might actually enjoy a little comedy every once in a while! GEEEEEZZZZZZ!

The coverage is fine to… you guys act like this NASCAR coverage on ABC or ESPN… wake up! this is a little low budget cable channel that replays ESPN2 b-sides of Rodeo and hockey… they don’t have the budget to supply ABC wide world of sports style coverage!
Craig Hummer fits the bill perfectly… you know why! Because he’s cheap!
Get a clue people if you want Monday night football style coverage then you had better get out there and start spending money on bike crap and only buy beer from Sierra Nevada brewing Co. because they are the only one’s sponsoring these athelete’s!
Do you even know how much money is spent on Hockey crap each year? people buy that chit by the truck loads and it’s just useless crap… it’s hard enough to even get you tight wads to buy a jersey much less $300 dollars worth of baseball, football or hockey crap!


Love it with grouches show up! If the intern is indeed a comic, she shouldn’t quit her day job.

wow…..i mean really, wow….

@DL Byron,

Love it when the tards show up… what is “DL” short for, Dull? Delusional? Dilbert?

Try a google search dik lips! ohhooo ahhooo ho

DL stands for Down Low with your mother! Boom. And that concludes this thread with you. Don’t come back here unless you play nice with others.

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