The calmest road in America

During Interbike earlier this year, we spent a morning riding the strip, the bike expressway, and hearing from a local and a RTC employee about cycling in Vegas.

The road featured in the video is one of the calmest in America. It’s engineered to slow cars down and accommodate cyclists. I think they pipe in the sounds of songbirds, but couldn’t confirm it. If you do ride the strip, take up a whole lane like we did to let the cabbies know you’re there.

As I wrote earlier, “It’s surprising, yes, but Vegas is a bike-friendly town.”



I was surprised at the number of Interbike attendees who took to the sidewalks adjacent to perfectly bikeable streets.

Agreed. There are streets you just wouldn’t ride because of the traffic volume and no lane or shoulder.

Thanks for coming to Vegas guys!  It was great riding with you and showing off the other side Vegas.

Any of your readers who would like more information on some great rides around town are more than welcome to drop me line.

BTW, just for the record I’m a former RTC employee.  RTC is a great organization that is working to create a more transit and Bike/Ped friendly environment in town.

Thanks Again,


Thanks for commenting. I’m back in Vegas in December and then in January for CES. I’ll have the [Modal](/tag/modal) with me so let’s ride longer.

vegas is not a bike friendly town.  you just happened to ride the strip, which has relatively slow traffic, and most likely one of the perimeter roads in the rich neighborhoods near the mountains, modified with superrich recreational cyclists in mind, partly in response to vegas not too long ago being voted the 3rd worst city in america to bike in.  much of the town is still in fact quite dangerous.


Fair enough, like any big city, you’ve got to choose your routes. I was going to ride in from the airport during Interbike and then thought, “uhm, no way.”

From the riding I’ve down there, which is not daily commuting, It’s been good and safe.

Las Vegas is a bike friendly town? You must be dehyradated from the low humidity and not seeing things clearly!

Yes, there are some O.K. areas to ride around town and it looks like you were riding early. There are a lot of drunk drivers out there in the mornings to contend with here. Overall, Las Vegas is not a bike friendly town. Traffic is horrible on a good day. Drivers give little regard to your right of way or safety, and I’m speaking from first hand experience from waking up in an ambulance… Clark County Fire and Rescue do a very good job though!

Should you choose to ride Las Vegas, choose your routes and times very carefully and carry contact numbers for the paramedics!

Like I said above, I don’t ride there everday, but it’s rideable and we’ve ridden I’m cities all over LA, London, Shanghai, and more. To their credit they’re working on making the city more bike friendly and they’ve got a large worker population that rides daily.

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