Varsity 925 Mashup

Spotted downtown Seattle – a Schwinn Varsity, updated, and mashed up with a Redline 925 influence. Bullhorns, straight-blade fork, clipless pedals. During the bike boom last year, talking with the industry, I heard

we should update those millions of bikes we’ve pushed out over the years. That’d help the planet and people the most.

True and this guy did just that. He’s got plans to ride it in STP this year.


This maybe a trend. I spotted a modded Redline Conquest Touring bike last Fall.


“We should update those millions of bikes”  was one of the tenets of creating Renaissance Bicycles.

We feel there are far too many worthwhile lugged steel frames languishing in old garages, craigslist, and the LBS.  With just a few new parts these bikes can make great daily transportation.  With updated paint and high-end parts, they are better than new.

Thanks Hugga for spreading the word!

Bryan @ Renaissance Bicycles

I love it—‘bout time someone made a Varsity into a sweet commuting machine rather than the tired fixed-gear conversion.

Ah…nothing like opening up the “vault” of spare parts and cobbling together a unique bike that works for a variety of purposes.  It’s one of my favorite pastimes!

The older the bike, the easier it is, too—generous frame/fork to tire clearances make for easy wheel swaps—go fat or go skinny, it’s your choice.  Want gears?  Throw some on.  Want to ride singlespeed/fixed?  Those horizontal dropouts sure are handy!

Agreed and the owner was very proud of it. Here’s [another Varsity](

I just built fixed up a varsity last month.  I kept the original 5 speed in the rear and left the smallest chainring on the front.  It is fun and good geared for the around town

Hate to say it, but dude should have got one that fit him.  That’s a buttload of seatpost showing.

@Ghost.  My project Varsity isn’t finished yet. ;)

No, that’s the “compact” flag-pole sitter look he was going for there.

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