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I haven’t reached anyone at UPS HQ to comment, but do have it confirmed that in Seattle they are going to deliver packages during the Holiday rush with cargo bikes. The brown trucks will deliver to various stations, where the cargo bikes will load up and deliver in certain neighborhoods. We’re on the watch and will blog it as soon as we see them. If you see the presumed brown bikes, please comment here or contact us.


If the Freight Nazis paid halfway decently, doing this kind of delivery wouldn’t be a bad gig!

Back to their roots.  I read this article on the UPS site about the company’s history, UPS was started in Seattle and mainly delivered on foot and bicycle in the beginning.


I worked for UPS during a holiday season, when I was an out of work dotcommer and if I remember right, they paid 17 an hour. And treated me and all the other temps very well. [Check the photo here](


That’s right . . . they started right here in Seattle delivering packages by bike. I also heard that they tested the bike delivery service in Minn, but don’t have that confirmed.


What bikes will they be using?  This is huge; hopefully they will realize the value of this strategy and continue past the holidays.  Will they have in house mechanics?  Have they consulted with any of the cargo biking experts in the bicycle industry?  How can I expect you to know any of this?  Hard to say, but the questions were burning a hole in my brain, and they leaked out here.  Wow.


I did just hear from UPS and the bikes will hit the streets next week and it’s a test, one of many different things they’ll try from golf carts, to Rickshaws, to sleds.

After the test, if it’s a success, they’ll report on it. If you see a bike out there, def encourage them on, and try to get a photo.

It’s a great story, considering UPS got their start here with bikes.

Right on. What a great idea. I’d love to have that job. I too had a good experience working at UPS - in college during the holidays. The driver I was helping picked me up in the morning and dropped me off in the evening at home. I got a lot of exercise - walking with a big load of packages on a cart - and I got paid. Although delivering packages on a cargo bike would have been way better!

I just saw my neighbors get a delivery via UPS bikes.  There were two guys, one guy was just riding a bike the other had a bike with a trailer behind it carrying probably 6-8 good size packages and 10-20 smaller ones.  I didn’t notice what type of bikes they were because I was too excited that it was happening haha.  I can say both bikes were the same, silver with a red stripe, both were MTBs.

Great! What neighborhood?

Apparently UPS has no idea we have the best CargoBikes made sitting here under their nose.  The Bakfiets is perfect for these guys.  We even have a brown one!


I don’t think it came down that way, more someone had an idea to try something out so they did and they try lots of things out. If it’s a succes, then expect them to expand and do it with longtails or Bakfiets, or a Kona Ute, or whatever.

A mtb with a trailer is easy.

right on!  i heard about UPS trying this in new england, but i didn’t realize seattle was joining in the fun.  both vermont and maine apparently have/had UPS delivery by bike.


We’re actually doing deliveries with cargo bikes. We got them two weeks ago in St-Etienne, France where we have a bike messenger company. it’s pretty hilly but allright though.
Does anyone know about good cargobikes builders? cause ours are kind of “home-made” and a lot of improvements are needed!!

Before I found a local <a>delivery service</a> I used to use UPS exclusively and they where pretty good.  I too used them during the late holiday season and was surprised they went the extra mile to get a couple of items to me that I had purchased online.  There’s nothing worse than when a promised delivery doesn’t show or shows up late, especially at Christmas time.

Does anyone have any pictures of the UPS cyclists delivering in Seattle?

No—we never saw them.

A package arrive at my North Tacoma home today via UPS bicycle.  The two delivery persons were riding non-fendered blue Trek mountain bike-style bicycles.  One was towing a single-axel, open topped utility trailer (looked like aluminum.)  The trailering rider was wearing a brown coat and reflective vest, the other rider just the brown shirt and pants.  I point this out because there is a driving rain with temps dropping fast toward freezing today.  I saw them cruising the neighborhood several times during the day, but didn’t have a camera handy.  I’ll send one along if I get one…

Excellent report. Thank you.

We saw a UPS bike delivery on Union and 23rd in Seattle yesterday, Dec. 11.  It was a total surprise and that is why we googled this to see if this could be true.  The bike was a Trek Mt. bike—the trailer was clunky and aluminum—I had never seen one like it before but it looked okay.  The delivery guy did NOT look like he was from the bike scene—he was beefy and looked like . . . a UPS driver.  He had one of the computer bar code things and a brown uniform and shorts (it was chilly).  We just saw it and couldn’t actually believe it, but the bar code thing and the uniform made it clear that this was just business as usual UPS.  It was really, really cool—they should promote this and maybe plug the bike community into this because I’m pretty sure there would be a lot of people dying to get a job riding these bikes—people also might be willing to pay extra to get a delivery like this.  Really surprising and inspiring—way to go Brown!

Today, November 30th, I saw this for myself.  Here in Pueblo, Colorado.  I couldn’t believe it, so had to “google it”.  Wow!

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