(un)Wired Future of Bicycles Update

Next month we’re at Webvisions for The(un)Wired Future of Bikes:

Join an eclectic lineup of bike builders, geeks, gearheads and inventors for a series of short presentations on the (un)Wired Future of Bikes. It’s like convergence on wheels.



  • “Up Shift: Bringing Online Communities to Biking” - DL Byron
  • “New Gadgets to Keep you Connected When Pedaling” - Brian Krejcarek
  • “Future Bikes” - Metrofiets
  • “Simplicity of the Bike” - Nick Finck
  • “Cyclocross” - Matt Haughey
  • “Top Mobile Apps for Bike” - David Schloss
  • “Shoot it! Biking and Digital Photography” - Kris Krug
  • Women! – April Streeter


To attend all of Webvisions and our Bike event, use this discount code or just get into the Exhibit Hall and our Bike event for $25.00.


We’ll have a bike shop setup in the Expo area where we’ll blog, make media, and hang out.



We’re finalizing our speaker lineup, but if you’ve got something really good let us know and maybe we can get you in.


We ride wherever we go and riding in Portland in a Gowalla style Mobile Social. We’ll announce those details soon and hope you join us. We’ll have shwag, prizes, and fun.


I can see exactly how that fits in with the panel discussions on “Augmented Reality” and “Techniques for Monitoring Online Communities.” :-)

You can bet HTML 5, CSS3, and Flash are going to come up too.  You got a talk to give?

I’d like to speak at the (Un)Wired future of bikes event. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Unwired: The Future of Biking Wears Skirts and High Heels

Tomorrow’s bike may be battery and solar powered, theft proofed, crafted from carbon, intimately connected to us and we to it through GPS, GSM and our smart phones. But something is changing in the speed, sports, and tech-driven U.S. biking culture.  One of the fastest growth segments of bike sales is in upright city bikes, urban cruisers and beach bikes. Who’s buying these comfy, heavy and practical bikes, adorned with fenders, racks, and baskets, outfitted with baby seats and trailers?

Women. Women in skirts and high heels, flowery dresses and slouchy shorts, fleece and Goretex. Women with grocery panniers, kids lined up behind them on the Xtracycle, bikes brimming with babies and cargo. Women are changing the urban cycling landscape in subtle but important ways. In this presentation I will give a tour through Cycle Chic, the stylish grassroots biking subculture that started in Copenhagen and Amsterdam and has taken hold in more than 50 cities worldwide and is slowly but surely creeping onto U.S. streets.

April Streeter is a blogger journalist for TreeHugger and appears on the bike and green pages at the Huffington Post. She is currently co-writing a book about Cycle Chic with Mikael Colville-Anderson, founder of the original Copenhagen Cycle Chic. April previously was managing editor of Sustainable Industries Journal and started her career as a computer journalist at MacWEEK and LANTimes.  She is a dedicated urban cyclist and Hatha yoga teacher and recently relocated from Gothenburg, Sweden to Portland, Oregon.

Hey friends, I need a little help.
as a part of acadamic schedule, we (students of Mechanical Engineering) are required to give a seminar on any topic of intrast.
I have chosen “Contineous variable transmission for BICYCLES”.
Do you have any idea that what is a scope of this topic??, becoze I’m totaly confused, which technology to chose, there are so many ways (techniqus) for bicycle cvt.

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