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Following the Mobile Social @ Webvisions, we’re giving away even more schwag via Twitter. Check how we’re doing it on the Twitter Giveaway details page. All you have to do is follow us on Twitter, tweet us, and pick up your prize if you win.

Quick FAQ

So what’s a Mobile Social Event?
It’s an intersection of bikes, technology, and culture – we ride, talk bikes, party, and giveaway schwag.
Twitter Giveaway? Huh?
Yep. We’re giving away schwag from our sponsors during Webvisions. Just tweet us for the chance to win. There’s no catch, spam, or weirdness.
What’s the catch?
If there is one, we haven’t thought of it yet. But check back.
What’s this Twitter thing you speak of?
It’s a messaging application where you tell all your brohams what you’re doing all the time. It’s a terrific time suck.


How to Follow Us on Twitter

The instructions and how to with visual aids are on the Twitter Giveaway Details page.


Alas, it looks like I can’t send you a direct tweet (and thus can’t enter) unless you’re also following me. I get the error “bikehugger does not follow you. Send ‘follow bikehugger’ to request.”

So there’s a step missing between 3 and 4—“wait for us to follow you”.

Good, good. That’s the testing feedback we need. Noted and we’ll update.

I am also seeing the same thing 2:27pm EST. I can verify I am following you but you are not following me.

We updated the instructions and are now replying to followers with a following.

i think i remember this from the subtitles at the end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail…

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