Tweed Run Suit

At some point, we expected cyclists wouldn’t have to dig through their closest or shop the vintage store to acquire the proper kit for a Tweed Ride.

Cottage industries supplying a niche of a niche? Sure and more, according to an article published today by Bike Biz.

The Tweed Run - a ride in London with cyclists on vintage machines - has helped to spark interest in the traditional Scottish woollen fabric.

We rode tweed in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics, in techical wool from Ibex, cause that’s how we roll, but you can look like Gary Fisher if you want. Shop at Dashing Tweeds and we suggest you bespoke it blingy or steampunk.

Interbike 2009 122.jpg

Note: Gary will drink keg beer with you too, just invite him to the party, and prepare to hear all about 29ers.

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Please note the Tweed Run is FULL. Please don’t turn up and expect to ride - the organisers are being monitored numbers wise and it will put next years event in serious doubt if the rider limit is breached.

Do however, when the ride is passing by - wave and take pictures as we pass :)

Official site here :

What? Why they doing that?

Due to the way you have to manage events in London. This is a trial of a new ‘not escorted by Police’ method and without a LOT of permits/red tape/££££ methodology.

We do it well - and the Tweed Run next year could be bigger - other events that take place in London can then take advantage of the rule change.

If the numbers are broken this year, there will be £ fines and chances of getting this system in place reduce dramatically. This is a big deal!

So please, I say again, if you do not already have a place on the Tweed Run do not turn up and expect to ride with us!

note: I am not involved with running the Tweed Run, I am merely a Head Marshall for the ride part of the event. See the official site.

Ah, there’s the context and that makes more sense. But the contradiction is earlier this week it was critical mass with no permits, right?

Critical Mass won an action in the House of Lords - it is not a defined route “Critical Mass was a procession which was “commonly or customarily held”

see for the gory details and for the press release.

The Tweed Run is a planned route, so it needs a permit.

So if there is not planned route, then no permit is required?
What about insurance, how’s that work? Can the organisers be sued for “stuff” that happens during the run?

Anyone can sue for anything in the US—UK frivolous lawsuits are deterred with the frivolous party paying for it.

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