Turn on the bright lights—1400 lumens worth!

The $1000, 1400 lumen Lupine Betty as bright a light as you can buy these days. It’s been available from the parent company in Germany (Lupine Lighting Systems) for a while but they’re just rolling in here in the states from Gretna bikes. This is an incredibly bright light – 22 watts max if you’re stacking up against headlights – light a patch of sunlight on your path all night long.


Please Please Please people.  If you must have a light this bright, don’t say, “hi” on the trail and blind the crap out of me with your 1500-lumen helmet mounted light.  I’m all for safety on the roads, but for those of us who still have some rods left and can see at night with say, 85 lumens, don’t bring the floodlights out to the trail. 

Use this beast on the road.  Use it to get drivers’ attention.  Give them the stare-down at the intersection when they don’t acknowledge your presense. 

One day soon some goofy commuter bastard is going to blind me, I’m going to crash, and then I’m going to circle back and tackle the shit out of him.

Yeah, I can’t imagine someone using this on an urban or suburban MUT. That would be rude. But on the semi-rural roads I ride on here in the bike-unfriendly South? Oh heck yes. That being said, I’m waiting on a DiNotte 600L from Nashbar. 600 lumens PLUS a 200L(200 lumens) on my helmet AND a DiNotte taillight should do the trick.

I have NO problem spending money on lighting—-but the Betty is a bit pricy. It’s more expensive than the Busch and Mueller Big Bang.

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