Turkey Bike Rotisserie

I was just planning on picking up the turkey and fixins on the Bettie, but this dude cooks his turkey with a bike rotisserie …


The ratio is 7 pedals to 1 turn of the turkey.


What a great pedal powered contraption!

Happy Thanksgiving Huggers.

yeah baby now that s a spin session

man, a 6-hour cook on that saddle would add a new level of pain to my Thanksgiving.

That’s why they [made the intern do it](http://www.tjsperformance.com/images/turkeyrotisserie34.jpg) for the Food Network! I’d be all, burning calories, but then I’d also want to drink beer, so I’d probably get dehydrated and lose interest.

If you turned the bicycle around, and ran the rotisserie off of the front ring, then you could view the bird whilst riding.Sweet setup

Or make it mobile with a hibachi setup.

I love this! Looks like something the “Professor” on Gilligan’s Island would have come up with.  :)

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