Tubeless Sealed During the Courage Classic

tubeless on I-90

Tubeless on I-90

I flatted a few miles from the Lake Easton stop on the Courage Classic 2012 route. As I wrote yesterday, the I-90 shoulder is a debris field of semi tire chunks, metal, glass, and bad pavement.


Punctured and sealed

I choose to run tubeless on this ride, for those reasons, and the sealant did its job. I heard the hiss, stopped, and saw the sealant bubbling up through the puncture. It was glass embedded in the tread and through the underlying fabric and belt. The tire would hold air, but only to 40 PSI, which was enough to get me to the next stop and a mechanic.


That is the issue with tubeless for lower volume road tires (25 or 23c) stans only works at pressures up to 40 psi. While this would be fine for a cx or larger volume city tire, 40 psi for a 23c is essentially flat.

For a glass is 1/2 full kind of guy, this was a positive. That deep of a puncture would’ve required a boot, new tube, time at the side of the road on a tubed tire too. But also note that sidewalls are firmer on tubeless to hold them onto the bead and it was rideable to get to the next stop or home. I carry a can of sealant with me and that’s fixed flat in the past. Click the tubeless link above for more stories. The negative is that tire isn’t one you can pull off and boot and a rural shop is very unlikely to have a replacement, but the rim will hold a regular tire.

On Stan’s, we’ve got a pair of those coming in for Cross Season. I also race Cross with tubulars sealed and have had them seal in a race.

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